Do it yourself Canine Wash


Taking your dog for a grooming appointment can be costly and time-consuming. But fear not—you can make your Do It Yourself canine wash and treat your pet to a spa day at home!

Setting Up Your Wash Station Location:

Pick a spot with a hose connection that is outside. You can use a bathtub, a kiddie pool, or even a big plastic container.

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To keep your canine happy, gather goodies, towels, a spray bottle for rinsing, and canine shampoo (mild and breed-specific!). Conditioner is optional.

Basics of Bath Time

Brush: To keep matting and knots from tightening up during the wash, brush them out before getting wet.

Water: Thoroughly wet your canine with lukewarm (never hot) water.

Rinse Well: Rinse well until all of the shampoo has been removed. Your dog’s skin may get irritated by soap residue.

Condition (Optional):Rinse again after applying the conditioner for more shine and detangling.

Final Details

Towel Dry: Cover your canine with a towel and give them a gentle pat down.

Air Dry: Let them dry in the air inside or away from the sun.
It’s reward time! Give your canine lots of love and goodies for being such a good sport!
First and foremost, always keep your dog supervised when washing them.

Keep Calm: Speak in a calming tone and proceed with gentleness.

Ear care: Wipe the area around your ears with a moist washcloth, being careful not to get inside the canal.

Accept the Shake: They have a post-bath shake-off that is to be expected.


You can give your canine a rejuvenating bath and save some money with a little preparation and following these easy procedures. Furthermore, it might be a great way for the two of you to bond!

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